Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Retribution debut

So I promised a report of my gaming yesterday and here it is.

I played 2 games, one was a battlebox game and one was a 500 point game. The guy I was playing (can't remember his name, I haven't been in for a while and the community has been very active and loads of new guys) was a new player, but he was an experienced wargamer, so he wasn't making too many mistakes.

Rubytibution 500 points.

10 Invictors
Aiyanna & Holy

Solid little list, solo assassination with some heavy hitters to back it up should I need to beat through Stryker's jacks.

Cygnar 500 points



10 Long gunners + UA

Pretty solid jack heavy list. Not perfect but still worth doing.

He won the dice off and decided I should set up first. So I set up my Invictors and Griffon infront of Kaelyssa at the centre of the board, with A&H on my left with the Phoenix and the other solos Advance deployed ahead of A&H. My opponent put Stryker on the left side with his jacks, long gunners off to the right and Jr on the right flank with his Hunter.

Terrain wasn't too bad, there was a coule of buildings on my side of the board, with difficult terrain hill right in the middle of the board.

I go first and move up Team solo (Narn and friends) disrupt the hunter with the Elven hooker and charge it with Narn to keep him safe from the Ironclad and Styker getting off easy magic on him. I ding the hunter a bit but nothing remotely note worthy. A&H run up field as I see a turn 2 assassination chance. Invictors run up towards Stryker, Kaelyssa does.. stuff but didn't do anything to effect the game until the final turns, so lets just ignore her for now. Griffon moved up to block LoS to Kaelyssa in case of snipe type things happening.

So my Turn 1 means I already have Styrker under pressure, a Hunter locked in combat and there isn't much that can be done to hurt my army at this point, seems a good first turn.

He starts his turn by moving up the field with his flanking forces, long gunners run, Junior puts Arcane shield on the hunter and he runs too. Stryker cast arcane shield on the hunter and didn't do much else, Ironclad moved up and that was pretty much the turn since the Hunter couldn't hit Narn.

Turn 2 I move Eiryss up and take a shot at Stryker but misses (def 16 is a bitch). Narn backflips over the Hunter and charges Stryker, and can't hit him to save his life.. There goes my turn 2 assassination.. So, I move up the invictors, Kaelyssa and her pet jack. Pheonix goes "Rawr, I smash face now!" and charges at the hunter. This leaves him tying up the Hunter and Ironclad. So he starts to wail on the hunter, all but shuts him down and sets him on fire. I realise now I should of hit the Ironclad once as well, so that both would be on fire. Hunter is almost dead after a good smack any way. A&H move up, cast no feats and start beating on the hunter.

Stryker nailed Narn and the Ironclad wailed on the Pheonix, my opponent rolled very badly and it hit, took down the Arc node and generator in it's activation. Hunter took a swing and did nothing, so popped it's reserve tank and tried to cover Stryker from the Invictors next turn. Long gunners ran in to try and get a line on Kaelyssa next turn. Jr and the other hunter followed the Long gunners.

Turn 3 hits and I start wailing on 'jacks with the Phoenix, Set the Ironclad on fire but just can't break armour 21 on the 'clad. Invictors move up a bit and decide the Long gunners look a bit menacing, so they start to pop them off, taking out the UA and a few extra Long gunners to lighten the damage they could do. I messed up here and spread them out, where as I should of based to based them ready for return fire. Kaelyssa threw an AoE at a Long gunner, it missed and scattered just infront of them, which stopped them advancing and such. Griffon block LoS to Kae from the Long gunners and then the Elven hooker goes "Hey Stryker.. no focus buddy!". A&H finish off the Hunter and prepare for Stryker next turn.

This turn is rather uneventful and The ironclad can't finish off the heavy with no focus. Styker is in combat with Eiryss (she assaulted him) and wasn't willing to take a 4 dice free strike, so stayed put, swinging at her and missing. Long gunners killed 4 Invictors after double tapping and couldn't get to Kaelyssa..

Stryker has no focus, couldn't pop feat and has A&H and Eiryss staring at him.. Since this was a pick up game I had no reason to do anything but take the assassination, had it been a tournament game I would of tried to finish off the 'clad and Long gunners. I think the Invictors, Kaelyssa and the Griffon could of dealt with the Long gunners easily and the 'clad should of gone down with 3 focus on the Pheonix. So any way. Aiyanna harms, Holt smashs face, Styker dies.

We discussed the game afterwards and I thought he should of sniped the Long gunners and put them in the center of the board and just trashed my army and forced me to deal with them rather than shutting them out of the game as I did and have to only deal with Styker and 2 'jacks, so in effect gaining 250 points advantage. It didn't help that I figured the Retribution's playing style was applying uber pressure and just forcing the enemy 'caster down. Getting Team solo on Stryker on turn 2 and then locking his 'jacks down was brutal. So yea, I was happy with the way the game went, I ewnjoyed the Retribution playing style and other than being pestered by a group of annoying kids wanting to know everything about my Retribution stuff and just generally annoying me I had a good night.

The 2nd game wasn't very exciting at all, it was a battlebox game and I got a chance to try the focus stealing with on Kaelyssa, it fell through and got her killed, but I wanted to try to see how it worked.

I'll post some pictures of the army later. Kaelyssa is maybe half way done and the first Invictor just needs the black highlighting and metals redoing.


  1. Hey, PTShane (or should i say the man formerly known as PTShane)here. Good to see youre enjoying the Retribution. The scheme is very interesting, i look forward to seeing a finished model. All this excitement is going to make me buy the faction book. And probably buying a small army to be honest, i am a faction whore after all.

  2. Hey Mazinger. You are fucking fag and you suck at WM and Hordes.