Saturday, 31 October 2009

Audience involvement!

There is a Warmachine tournament in 6 hours, I don't have enough Retribution to take part (it's 750) but I have enough Skorne. Do I play Skorne and goto the tournament or do I get some sleep?

You decide! Post a comment on if I should go or not, when I wake up the decision will be made and if I go, I will battle report it!

6 Bog trogs
8 Venators
3 Ferox
4 Paingivers
Swamp gobbers

That is the army list since E Morghoul is in bits and so are my swordsmen. Stuffs already packed to go, make a post and let me know!

Also, I may have found a second playgroup in my area (well 3rd, but shh). Waiting for an e-mail back and then I may have a new metagame (and a place to play fantasy).

Also Malifaux looks awesome, I've ordered the rulebook and a full+UA Mage hunter unit.

But yes comment if I should go, this post is only good for a few hours.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

This blog shows what I have typed

I haven't been able to play any WM this week, but I do have something awesome lined up for early next week. I sent some e-mails and stuff and cool stuff will be posted on Monday or Tuesday!

I have been using a new type of super glue lately, or testing rather. The glue is called "Liquid Weld" and it's pretty damn expensive and I don't think it's in stores yet. I found the glue to be insane on GW plastics. I took a Dryad (very fragile) glued it together with this stuff and gave it ten minutes then threw it at a wall (I was bored and it seemed a good test). The glue held perfectly, the Dryad took a beating and the glue didn't even come close to breaking, I even tried to pull it apart and I couldn't without having to break the plastic.

I then tried to glue together some metal models (a Chimera) and found it just plain didn't like metals, even when fully dried it just didn't hold the pieces well, you could pull them apart with less effort than being around in a carry case will make. So as a metal glue it sucks and I'm going to stick with my Loctite glue instead, but if you're looking for a solid glue for plastics then it's worth checking out if you can.

There is a WM Tournament on Sunday, I may attend but it's 750 and I'm a few models short, so I may just skip it and resume pick up games on Tuesday. Hopefully with my invictors fully painted.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I ganked Lylyth!

Tonight I played 1 game and, pretty much played a second game by proxy. There was a new guy playing Skorne and since I know Skorne, I had to mentor him and be rules lawyer all at once. My community recently changed and some how I've become one of the veteran players.. but hey that's cool. So I mentored a guy on how to abuse Skorne then I played a battle box game against Legion.

The game went like this.

I move stuff, take a potshot at Lylyth with my Manticore. He slams the Manticore on his turn and I then move Kaelyssa up and tag Lylyth twice boosted. Extend hand.

Seriously, if you leave a 'caster open within 18 inches of Kaelyssa I am going to start taking pot shots. I don't need LoS to hit you, so I'm going to do so and do so a lot. If you don't run the hell away I'm going to keep doing it over and over. Isn't that fun folks!? I'm really starting to get Kaelyssa and she plays like Caine or E Morghoul, her army isn't as important as just getting that all mighty assassination attempt. I may even risk another Heavy kit to get her a hydra to do her shootie doom with. Either way digging the Ret.

I have some more stuff painted and I need to take pictures, but I picked up a lot of new stuff. Invictor UA, Ghost Sniper, Soulless Escort and a Chimera. I'm slowly working my way to 750 points. Which will be nice. I have a game against Circle/Khador on Tuesday, just hoping it's not Kruger, cause I'm still not sure how I deal with him, advices please?

I may also have found a D&D group..

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Doug Seacat eats puppies to fuel his writing powers.

So tonight I got a game VS Trolls, first time I've played them outside of mangled metal and well, it went extremely poorly. My opponent also had a really bad grasp of his rules and I didn't feel like checking his cards over and over. So he was probably cheating out of his ass and the few times I knew something was suspicious I did call him on it, but any way.

I'm not going to write a battle report because it just involves "Trolls move into middle, Borka stands at the back and I can't get to him". So I got tar pitted down in the a huge unit of Kriel warriors and just couldn't do anything but fight it out with them through the game. Champions kept making tough rolls and just yea.. Wasn't a fun battle, everything just got smushed into the middle and I was out numbered as he only had 1 dire troll for his warbeasts. The game came down to a final turn where I got Kaelyssa into a position to snipe out a furyless Borka, I moved up Aiyanna to throw harm on him and missed it. If I had got it up I would of killed him. But I started the turn with 6 models on the table and about 10 trolls staring them down, so I took the long shot.

So yea I lost, but I'm really suspicious of how my opponent played, he didn't understand Pulse and Aura, so he was like "oh I cast this and then" and I go "It's an aura, you can't do that..) and just lots of little things like this. So yea.. I'd go and read through all the MKI rules and leearn the things I don't remember but seriously.. MKII is a few months away, I can put up with it for now. The only problem is some of the newer players are.. dumbasses. They just aren't very bright, they're the scene kid type of people and just.. ugh.. I'm sorry but when you all ask 1 guy all your rules questions and he doesn't know half of them you may have issues as a playgroup. I sat there and answered every question they had, because I care about WM/H and plan to get into the tournament scene and go annoy the Boosted damage folks.

Playing Retribution makes you the centre focus in the entire store though. Everyone wants to see your models and touch them. I went to the bathroom and came back to find my Heavy being passed around the table.. Then people wanted to pick up Kaelyssa and just yea.. The world revolves around you apparently.. And everyone calls them Space Elves because the 'jacks have force fields, but last time I chcked, so did every freaking Warcaster.. But yea, Space Elves..

I picked up Dawnlord Vyros but couldn't get my Arcanist, the store didn't have him in stock and I was trying to support my LGS, so I guess I'm going to be ordering from Maelstrom games again.

I missed the tournament this Sunday, but in 2 weeks time we have a 750 I might try and make. I'd need a unit of Mage hunters and such.. but yea. I did also come to understand the value of mittens tonight, they push trolls away to avoid a huge ugly mosspit mess. Flank was pretty spiffy though and with 2 reach jacks I got to pull it off 5 or 6 times and felt it made the invictors insane.. I think keeping the Griffon with them is a very good idea.

So now I'm going to make a casual magic deck and get some more painting done. I liked the way the silver looked under lights and just.. felt happy with the army, so paint scheme is a go!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Lets be social!!

I quit on the pink, I started to paint a 'jack and just said no. It's just unreasonable and in a week I got 2 models done. I switched to my original idea of silver models and battle damage them up from there.

The picture is very bad and due to using flash you can't see any real shading so it looks terrible. But I painted him in a day and I just need to add some stains and grubbiness. I have the Griffon half done and 8 of the Invictor bodies done.. I should finish my army in a week or two at this rate.

If I feel up to it I'm going to a tournament tomorrow, may report it..

I decided I wanted to try and meet more Warmachine players and get to know the wider community and to discuss things with people outside the PP forums. So I'm going to post my AIM name and see what happens. Say Hi, troll me, whatever, I just think it's a cool idea to get to know folks.

So my AIM name is AstrayPenguin . I'm usually around, so drop me a line.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Need feedback (pics)

Okie dokie. I need some help on something. I can't decide if I want to do all the armour pink or if I want to do it half and half.

So pick 1 or 2. The complete dude (left) or the half and half (and unfinished) dude on the right.