Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wip Shots

Some quick off the hip pics

All WiP, but startinng to get there. I'm not sure if I just want to ink the cloaks and make them a dark blue or what.

Retribution debut

So I promised a report of my gaming yesterday and here it is.

I played 2 games, one was a battlebox game and one was a 500 point game. The guy I was playing (can't remember his name, I haven't been in for a while and the community has been very active and loads of new guys) was a new player, but he was an experienced wargamer, so he wasn't making too many mistakes.

Rubytibution 500 points.

10 Invictors
Aiyanna & Holy

Solid little list, solo assassination with some heavy hitters to back it up should I need to beat through Stryker's jacks.

Cygnar 500 points



10 Long gunners + UA

Pretty solid jack heavy list. Not perfect but still worth doing.

He won the dice off and decided I should set up first. So I set up my Invictors and Griffon infront of Kaelyssa at the centre of the board, with A&H on my left with the Phoenix and the other solos Advance deployed ahead of A&H. My opponent put Stryker on the left side with his jacks, long gunners off to the right and Jr on the right flank with his Hunter.

Terrain wasn't too bad, there was a coule of buildings on my side of the board, with difficult terrain hill right in the middle of the board.

I go first and move up Team solo (Narn and friends) disrupt the hunter with the Elven hooker and charge it with Narn to keep him safe from the Ironclad and Styker getting off easy magic on him. I ding the hunter a bit but nothing remotely note worthy. A&H run up field as I see a turn 2 assassination chance. Invictors run up towards Stryker, Kaelyssa does.. stuff but didn't do anything to effect the game until the final turns, so lets just ignore her for now. Griffon moved up to block LoS to Kaelyssa in case of snipe type things happening.

So my Turn 1 means I already have Styrker under pressure, a Hunter locked in combat and there isn't much that can be done to hurt my army at this point, seems a good first turn.

He starts his turn by moving up the field with his flanking forces, long gunners run, Junior puts Arcane shield on the hunter and he runs too. Stryker cast arcane shield on the hunter and didn't do much else, Ironclad moved up and that was pretty much the turn since the Hunter couldn't hit Narn.

Turn 2 I move Eiryss up and take a shot at Stryker but misses (def 16 is a bitch). Narn backflips over the Hunter and charges Stryker, and can't hit him to save his life.. There goes my turn 2 assassination.. So, I move up the invictors, Kaelyssa and her pet jack. Pheonix goes "Rawr, I smash face now!" and charges at the hunter. This leaves him tying up the Hunter and Ironclad. So he starts to wail on the hunter, all but shuts him down and sets him on fire. I realise now I should of hit the Ironclad once as well, so that both would be on fire. Hunter is almost dead after a good smack any way. A&H move up, cast no feats and start beating on the hunter.

Stryker nailed Narn and the Ironclad wailed on the Pheonix, my opponent rolled very badly and it hit, took down the Arc node and generator in it's activation. Hunter took a swing and did nothing, so popped it's reserve tank and tried to cover Stryker from the Invictors next turn. Long gunners ran in to try and get a line on Kaelyssa next turn. Jr and the other hunter followed the Long gunners.

Turn 3 hits and I start wailing on 'jacks with the Phoenix, Set the Ironclad on fire but just can't break armour 21 on the 'clad. Invictors move up a bit and decide the Long gunners look a bit menacing, so they start to pop them off, taking out the UA and a few extra Long gunners to lighten the damage they could do. I messed up here and spread them out, where as I should of based to based them ready for return fire. Kaelyssa threw an AoE at a Long gunner, it missed and scattered just infront of them, which stopped them advancing and such. Griffon block LoS to Kae from the Long gunners and then the Elven hooker goes "Hey Stryker.. no focus buddy!". A&H finish off the Hunter and prepare for Stryker next turn.

This turn is rather uneventful and The ironclad can't finish off the heavy with no focus. Styker is in combat with Eiryss (she assaulted him) and wasn't willing to take a 4 dice free strike, so stayed put, swinging at her and missing. Long gunners killed 4 Invictors after double tapping and couldn't get to Kaelyssa..

Stryker has no focus, couldn't pop feat and has A&H and Eiryss staring at him.. Since this was a pick up game I had no reason to do anything but take the assassination, had it been a tournament game I would of tried to finish off the 'clad and Long gunners. I think the Invictors, Kaelyssa and the Griffon could of dealt with the Long gunners easily and the 'clad should of gone down with 3 focus on the Pheonix. So any way. Aiyanna harms, Holt smashs face, Styker dies.

We discussed the game afterwards and I thought he should of sniped the Long gunners and put them in the center of the board and just trashed my army and forced me to deal with them rather than shutting them out of the game as I did and have to only deal with Styker and 2 'jacks, so in effect gaining 250 points advantage. It didn't help that I figured the Retribution's playing style was applying uber pressure and just forcing the enemy 'caster down. Getting Team solo on Stryker on turn 2 and then locking his 'jacks down was brutal. So yea, I was happy with the way the game went, I ewnjoyed the Retribution playing style and other than being pestered by a group of annoying kids wanting to know everything about my Retribution stuff and just generally annoying me I had a good night.

The 2nd game wasn't very exciting at all, it was a battlebox game and I got a chance to try the focus stealing with on Kaelyssa, it fell through and got her killed, but I wanted to try to see how it worked.

I'll post some pictures of the army later. Kaelyssa is maybe half way done and the first Invictor just needs the black highlighting and metals redoing.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Game on!

Today I had my first games with Retribution. My theory on being a high pressure army that goes for the throat was correct and I felt in control of the game the entire time. The solos are the key assassination pieces, but the Invictors and 'jacks were capable just as well.

I'll write up a full report tomorrow and give a run down of each model I used and how I felt they performed.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Retribution review part 1

Today I worked some more on the Ret. Started to paint Aiyanna, Kaelyssa (Boob armour!) and the Invictor is almost done. I absolutely HATE the Heavy jack and I will make a full post on it, because that kit is absolutely vile and deserves to be absolutely demolished.

But onto the main show!

I'm going to review every model in the Ret book, but using only 1 sentence for each.

The Retribution seems to have a solid theme going with adaptable troops able to hold scenarios with the solos and 'casters suited to assassination. So in SR4 Ret will either go for "you can't win" and assassination or full on Scenario abuse. Another overriding theme is pressure, Ret excel on applying pressure, especially to 'casters.


Melee Assassin. He's exactly like Abyslonia in Legion, except has Arc nodes. I really liked her in that, but in Ret he just doesn't feel as strong. Does make me think E Morghoul's fan will be passive in MKII though. But yea, he'll pull 'casters around and then stab them. Nothing else to say.


She is a disruption and mind games 'caster. Her abilities tend to disrupt your opponents troops with rough terrain and cripple their warjacks/make them shake. The fury/focus leeching leads to mind games with Hordes and she is deadly against casters, but lacks the ability to set them up. She should be a strong 'caster but will take a lot of skill to really abuse. She will also be one of the first Ret epics, her fluff is all "Will be awesome"


Rahn I really don't like, he's a scenario 'caster and that's about it. He just pushes things around and disrupts, but it's just not enough for me. Why is my 'caster pushing dudes instead of killing them on mass? Has a terrible feat and just feels unplayable to me. I love his model and will pick it up to complete the set.


Emo chick! She's a really strong 'caster who applies pressure best of all the Ret. She can extend ranges, move things faster. She can easily kill a 'caster in close combat and has the ability to move things around to open lines. Her feat is just insane with the right army, it screws the def stat and lets you move forward, take some shots and then move 2 inches back to deny the charge and stabby death.. I think she is a very strong 'caster, with the Ret units and her spell list she can force people to play on the back foot and then corner them ready for the kill.


Ret's jack 'caster with some troop support thrown in for good measure. He's a jack of all trades and will be solid for being so, but he could do with some more ways to boost 'jacks or generate additional focus.


It's an arc node that you can't engage. It's just a solid little Lancer style dude, what more do you want?


Another disruption piece for the Ret, they have a lot of pinning models in place abilities and the Gorgon excels at this. My only complaint is that I'm not sure if the Gorgon is worth the points (I'm unsure on how to value a point in MKII yet), it's going to pin something down, but anything worth pinning (Character 'jacks/beasts etc.) are going to beat it senseless. Time will tell ifi t's worth it in the meta game.


It's a beat stick and it's cheap as hell. You could take 10 of these in 500 points. How the hell do you deal with that many beat sticks at once? With Vyros these are nuts.. speed 8 pathfinding jacks you could just swarm with. Yes, freaking, please.

I'll continue this tomorrow with the Heavy jacks and the units!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Invictor WiP

I spent all day working on models, building, painting, hating the goddamn annoying heavy kit (modding it just so I never have to buy another). I'm now going to try and avoid plastic kits if I can, I just plain don't like PP plastic.

I'm running out of Thaco podcast and starting to regret the pink. It takes 4 coats to get a solid colour..

Friday, 25 September 2009

Models here!

Okay so my models arrived, I'm now working on building A&H, Kaelyssa and the Invictors.

Since I'm busy trying to get all this built for Tuesday (my gaming night), I'm just going to post 1 interesting pic.

This is how many parts the Griffon comes in. And that polearm needs a brass rod.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

I am the dice man!

So my book arrived today (HAPPY FACE!) and I sat down to read the fluff and then got 2 pages into the fluff and went "MODEL RULES!" and proceeded to spend about 8 hours looking over it.

So for a quick run down.

I like the female 'casters and I like Rahn's model, but really don't liks his rules. I'll be picking up Ravyn ASAP and her and Kaelyssa will be my main 'casters. I got a thing for emo chicks I guess. Ravyn is awesome, I love her spell list and her weapon, I can't wait to pick her up and put her on a custom base, Position her foot so she's standing on a slant and like she's going to look down and stab someone.

So units wise I love the Dawnguard and Mage hunters, both of which I will pick up a unit of when they come ot (aka when I have more moneys, I plan to spend about £50-60 a month on models to quickly build up the Ret force. I really don't like the mittens or houseguard though. The houseguard are just shitty Gun mages and quite frankly the models are terrible. They look like Big O and Piccard had a love child and then cloned him a few times. Houseguard just don't work for me, they seem like dawnguard if you are missing a point or two, unless the models are amazing, I doubt I'll pick them up, maybe the long gunners, but probably not.

Stormfall archers need their own sentence. FUCK YEAH! These guys have an awesome concept and awesome art to go with it. Hoping the model lives up to it.

Onto the solos. There are some stunning and awesome (Narn) some are terrible like Nayl. Going to pick up most of them though.

I'm wanting to know what PP will do with the cav. Will they release a full box or do the current cav thing? Either way lots of cav, I'll probably pick them up.

So yea, I likes it. My stuff should be posted today or tomorrow, so hopefully I can get to work on them. There is a tournament here in a couple of weeks on the 11th, it's the Retribution steam roller event, so I figure I should be rocking my pink Elves. I need to check what the format is, but I'm hoping it's not mangled metal or I'll need to buy another jack or two. I am quite tempted to go for Griffon spam. They're insanely cheap and it would be fun to just beat people down with a bunch of them, while stealing Fury/Focus with Kaelyssa to power her spells.

I suppose the advantage of playing a new army is surprise, even though I'm not experienced with them. But hey should be fun either way, just got to hope my health is okay. I have to go into hospital for an entire day next week, which will cut into my painting time, plus they want to knock me out so it'll take a while to recover even when I do come out.

But yea, Ret good, very good. I'm really digging the Ret vibe, they seem to fit my style really well. My next purchases will probably be Ravyn, E Eiryss, Invictor UA and a unit of Mage Hunters. That will give me a 35 point list in MKII and I'll be closing on the 750 mark in MKI as well and throwing in a couple of solos and another jack and I'll be good to go.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Retribution colour scheme (feedback wanted)

Okay folks, so my Retribution are in the mail and will be here in a few days, and as such I started to ponder my colour scheme and wanted to do a quick test. Now I'll be running a couple of jacks and need objective markers, so I looked at what I had laying around and figured I'd never touch my Cryx, so I stole the Cankerworm base and painted it up as such.

That's WiP but the pink is finished and I really like it. It draws the eye perfectly and covers well, is easy to highlight and shade. So my Ret is totally going to be that colour when they arrive. Plus the bonus is they count for the Breast cancer brawl as a pink army.

The downside is basing with the pink is very difficult. I can't use static grass because the moment I do it's going to clash with the pink and look terrible. So it's down to a plain brown, a sandy flag stone or a neutral grey rubble. I can't decide on which but I'm leaning towards the rubble as the cloaks are going to be grey/blueish and the neautral grey will blend will the cloaks and make the armour all the more striking.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Well screw that

I ordered my Retribution army (from the guys who sponsor Boosted Damage), woo hoo! But I'll get to that after I've had a bit of a rant on my experiences at GW yesterday.

Okay, so I've decided to give up on Warhammer completely. I'm not trying to start 40k VS Warmachine crap like /tg/ always has but in my experience I just can't take the Warhammer community at the GW store and at my LGS no one plays fantasy.

I've tried to write this post twice before and I can't do it without going into some batshit insane rant on how much I hate the Warhammer community, so I'm going to make a list and just move on. The Games Workshop is right next to my LGS, you can see one from the other, but the client base is so freaking different.

Social skills
Mine suck, but they sure as hell don't scream "DON'T TALK TO ME!", almost everyone in GW seemed to have a screw loose or was so obviously a fanboy. Community quality is just bad. I'm going to throw hygiene in here too.. yes, it was THAT bad.

Attitude towards the game

The store had the new Space Wolves codex in and my friend was playing it. Now as he ranted about it all I could think was "This has no freaking balance" and everyone there seemed to find this a positive thing. I can't possibly relate to that and find it freaking stupid. I play Skorne and a benefit from my stuff being killed, but at no point does the game outright design it's self so that you can win by getting your models killed, Space Wolves codex has a model that does exactly that. I'm sorry but that's just bad game design and people eating it up doesn't please me at all. WM/H has some balance issues but at no point do I ever feel something is so good that I can't find a way to handle it, how do I handle giving my opponent free victory points or being killed?

Miniature care
On the same merit, also the way people treated their miniatures needs to be addressed. If my models die I set them aside, base flat on the table, some where safe. I do not in any way shape or form put them all in a pile. If I knock a model over I cringe. The players just had no respect for their figures and that bothers me to no end. I play between £1 to £25 per model for my toy soldiers, if you don't have respect for that kind of investment then I don't want to play with you.

Army use
Over the past week or so I have gorged myself on Warhammer podcasts (and The Batman cartoon series..) to get myself caught up with the meta. What's good, what's bad and what to look out for. So I heard Daemons were broken, Dark Elves were good, as were High elves and Lizardmen. So I went into GW expecting a nice range of armies being played but saw nothing but those I just mentioned and I'm sorry but NO, BAD COMMUNITY. That is so bland and pointless, I just refuse to be part of it when you're all playing Net decked armies. I know GW has bad balance issues (When tournaments start to punish you for taking your best options there are balance issues). but why the hell do I want to take part in a dead metagame? There is no life in an eco system that has 4 creatures stuck in an eternal loop until a 5th creature devours one and resumes the system.

So this is the 3rd time I have tried to get into GW games and been put off, so I'm sorry Wood elves but you're going back in your box under the table and staying there. I've come to see why people say the WM community is so good, even our worst members would be top quality members in any other community.

Now onto a happier note. I ordered the following

Aiyanna & Holt
10 Invictors
Heavy Jack

It comes to about 500 points in MKI and I'm quite happy with it as an assassination list. I think it suits my style and also gives me some more Cygnarian models.

I've been thinking of a colour scheme for the army and originally I wanted to go with a silver theme to make them look like giant suits of armour, but now I'm not too sure unless I make everything metalic on them to add more colours. When I look at the Myrmidons I see Neo Zeon and Gundam X style design and it makes me tempted to paint them that way. I've always loved the Bertigo from Gundam X ( and now I'm tempted to do a metalic version of that colour scheme. I think the large plates would suit metals well and using metallics dyed with inks would make for an interesting army. My only full decisions so far as they will be silver and purple/deep pink. I really like the colour scheme, the only problem is it also temples me to do one like Kamen Rider Decade (The pink and white guy here Maybe I'll do a second heavy like Decade but with metallic colours. I really like the idea of a metallic scheme as it will give a more.. vivid look to the pieces where the colours shift and sparkle a little as you move around the model, implying the energy field a bit more.

I'm currently working on a wreck marker (also known as the Canker worm's base) since I will be looking to represent Retribution at next years UK Nationals and want to have -everything- I need.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fate is weird..

So today I woke up to find my Retribution issue of NQ wrecked.. I had left a bottle of blackcurrant squash on the window ledge.. and blackcurrant is the only liquid known to stain worse than red wine.. it fell off the window ledge and burst... damn stuff got every where and covered the NQ.. So now I need to buy a new copy.. Either fate is telling me something or it's giving me a chance to cut my magazine up and lamenate it..

Either way I bought the Retribution book today since I've decided I'm going to buy all of them since I am an information whore and I want to have access to all the Warmachine content.. So 11 books.. at £22.50 each... yea, there goes a lot of cash.. But maybe I'll skip Menoth, Circle, Cryx, Legion and Trolls, since we all know those factions have terrible fluff, bad models and are really just there to be completely broken or completely useless ;)

Unfortunately my health has gone to hell again so I'm spending a week or two high on pain killers and doing nothing constructive.. Oh well yesterday was at least amusing when a doctor said I had a positive attitude and my response was "Well I either kill myself or get on with life, I don't have any real options do I?"

For something useful and constructive I thought I'd post the MKI Ret list I was pondering.

Unit of 10 invictors

Then whatever else fits.

General idea would be to just clear a lane to the caster and assassinate, abusing Kaelyssa's "10 focus" ability by stealing focus and fury off things to get extra shots on her gun while the Chimera will allow her to disrupt enemy armies from a distance and stop them effectively defending their caster. The list is about 100 points short of the 500 mark (common play level in my store) but I need to get the new NQ and see the release scehdule before I commit. I can throw in A&H and then another small unit give or take an invictor or two. I think I want to run 9 of them instead of 10 because I can get the defender's ward bonus better that way, The great bears triangle seems the best way to run them, that way they have to kill 2 to drop the bonus but you can still spread out a little. I'm not sure on the griffon but it's dirt cheap and It's going to stand by Kae to cover her and threaten anything that tries to get at her. I expect her to be skirting the mid range mark most the game and just blocking charge lanes to her will be worth the points.

If any one has any suggestions for improving the list it wouldn't go a miss. I'm looking at the army entries I have access to right now and building a list similar to my Skorne set ups but with a more Stryker style caster. A solid shootie unit always forms the core of my armies, I like a beat stick and I've been craving a good arc node for freaking ever and her AoE spell absolutely begs for one.

I'm also hoping this list will be more interactive. I find that Mordikar and E Morghoul don't interact with opposing armies beyond "I pop feat" or "He died". They have nothing really offensive or disruptive in nature. They just play their own game and either you move into position and win or you don't. Playing with your opponent's fury/focus, removing 'jacks defense and making terrain makes for a much better game style imo. I can win with E Morghoul and I do, but am I really playing a game or am I goldfishing? It's like playing combo in Magic. I really enjoy combo, but what is the point in playing a game if you're not exchanging models and abilities with each other? Is Denny arc node assassination really playing a game or are you just zerg rushing bone chickens until you get to roll some dice? I think people should consider interaction more and see how they can improve on that, it is one of the few issues I have with WM/H, it is very easy to make an army where you don't care what your opponent does because you will always play the same way and either it works or doesn't. Maybe the IABN could take the time to consider how interactive each of their 'casters are and give them a rating of 1-5 (5 being the most interactive) to see what factions interact well and which don't. I would be willing to do this with Skorne but it's kind of pointless if every faction isn't done.

Also Mercs aren't a real faction.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I think I'm going to start a retribution army tonight.. I've read through the MKI stats from the last NQ and I'm really starting to dig them and think their style maybe fun for me and I could play them well (I like combined arms forces). Someone please for the love of all that is holy stop me doing this. I'm going to proxy an army up tonight and buy Eiryss (yes, I don't own her) and A&H (or them, cause I never play my Cygnar..).

I'm thinking of just a solid silver colour scheme for the armour with Shadow Greycloaks and robes. It's a simple colour scheme but the armour will make them look like giant suits of armour 'jack wise..

so please someone stop me, I'm already buying WET and Halo ODST this week and my wallet is looking at my groin and going "left foot or right foot... screw it, I'll take turns with both of them".

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Painting frogs and one eyed monsters!

I haven't updated for almost 2 weeks now, so I thought I should get down to it and well... update.

I've mostly been building and painting my Wood elves but I have been trying to push forward on my Warbeast painting too. I finish the two Basilisks and I've got the Shaman maybe 80% done. They're just tabletop but it's at least a step forward and I hope to get my full 750 point list fully painted. I did have E morghoul almost done but I decided to strip him and repaint him up because his pose is just so.. difficult to really get at, so I'm going to put pins in him and then paint him in sections. I'm tempted to buy a Primal Morghoul and put E Morghoul's torso and arms on him rather than have his weird "I'm falling off my epic base" pose he has now, but I don't want to wreck my Primal Morghoul in case I want to use him for tournies in the future.

Oh and this guy is getting painted up as best I can, I think he deserves it for running through half a Menoth army in his first game.


I need to find a new gold recipe for him though, my current gold just isn't suitable to larea areas and his shoulder plates are HUGE. Which is also why I'm going to be free handing a Skorne symbol on his shoulder and left the spike off to do so. He is a character Warbeast and will be up in my opponent's face every single game so he needs to look pretty.

On the Fantasy front, I hope to get my first game in on Thursday or Tuesday, but Tuesday will probably be me taking my Skorne to the local store instead. Either Hexeris or Mordikar will be played, probably with a list very much like the one I played last time. I like that style of army, although I may (GASP!) drop my 3rd beast and risk running 2. Maybe Molik and a Shaman or a Krea. We'll have to see how it goes.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Today I finally got to play with Molik. Yes, F'king please! Molik is absolutely insane and more than made his points back. The guy was a new guy and had never played Skorne before, so I didn't want to pull too many weird and dodgy models out and start bouncing around and ignoring everything. So I went with a list as follows (roughly)

3 Ferox
6 Venators
Swamp Gobbers

500 points.

I played against a jack heavy Menoth list using Kreoss and the choir. First time I'd faced a lot of these models. A Crusader, Guardian, Dervish and the Bastions were all pretty new to me, but I still did pretty well until the last turn.

Molik cut a wave of destruction through the enemy army. On like turn 2 he wrecked the Crusader then proceeded to eat the Choir pretty soon after and was ready to threaten Kreoss the following turn. His animus is just sweet sweet awesome, he makes the Shaman into one hell of a trickster. you use the animus then charge and get some insane distances off most of your army. It's even useful on Warlocks to cast stuff then retreat.

The game ended with Mordikar getting hit in the face by a Paladin when he had no fury on him. Two reasons for this, we were being rushed for time (someone else had booked a table before I got there and the 40k players had stolen it, so we tried to get the game wrapped up asap for them). And I didn't measure my control range. I wanted to cast Void walker on the shaman and move him up to Kreoss to threaten him and force him to pop his feat, so I could send in Molik and smash him into a pulp. The problem was my opponent was holding his feat back and I didn't want to commit to any sort of attack that involved everything falling over in front of a Paladin. So I goto cast void walker (didn't pre-measure) and I'm out of range, so I move Mordikar in removing the 2 fury he should of had to transfer. Plus the Paladin pretty much rolled 4 6s on his dice and just 1 hit killed him.

I really enjoyed the game but I learnt a lot about my playing style. I look at the board and tend to want to keep things alive when I'm playing Mordikar or Hexeris, I put high value on every unit and don't want to sacrifice any of them, where as when I play E Morghoul I consider every model except Morghoul to be disposable. And that second attitude is so much more natural to me. I like playing high risk and putting off fancy tricks to win games. Dancing around the table with Morghoul makes me much happier than sitting back with Mordikar using Manifest void (which is insanely over rated IMO, it rarely does -anything-). So I think from now on when the chance for 750 comes up I'm going to be fielding E Morghoul, he fits me so much better than anyone else. A good example of this is earlier I had the perfect Morghoul charge lane set up from where Mordikar was. I charged in, stabbed the paladin, teleported to Kreoss, used the feat and fan to disable his focus and then I just plain killed him with the 3 following attacks. It felt so freaking natural to look at the board and see assassination runs, it's just how I see the battle. I've pretty much always thought this way in and out of tabletop though. I'm rarely the guy running in head first, I'm always the guy looking for a flank or a weak spot to exploit to rip the enemy apart from an angle it couldn't cover. So I think I'm going to play Mordi at 500 but Morghoul at anything higher. So sorry Mordikar fans but Morghoul is just my dude.

Before the game I also had an interesting conversation with the other Skorne player in store. He likes Makeda (cough Makeda fanboy cough) about Molik and Gladiators and comparing the two. I've never found a gladiator to work well for me, but Molik just feels so damn right. I would take Molik is he just had his animus and his weapons. That animus is freaking sweet, I can be half the board away one turn and right up in your face the next. The double move lets you resposition and bring him back into the battle where I've often found once a unit or beast is out of position there is no way I'm getting them back into the fight. As I said earlier Shaman and Molik make a nice little team, you can get them way up the field early on or move them where you need them to. While road to war makes Gladiators better, Molik's utility is just so freaking high that the extra power and such just doesn't do much for me. I'm thinking I may replace the Cannooneer in my 500 points list with Molik. I love my ranged element (always have venators and an extoller, they come with the Warcaster ;) ), but god damn is Molik sweet.

I'm thinking of doing some painting tutorials, but I'm not quite sure yet. I don't think I have enough readers to bother with something like that and I'd feel bad about posting the blog on the PP painting forum with just a link here. On the other hand I maybe posting some pictures of a WIP Lancer. I decided I wanted to do some Cygnar (my 2nd faction, although so are Legion technically, but I don't enjoy playing Legion and my Cygnar haven't been out in a while even though I like Stryker a lot) in a pink sheme for the Paint pink thingy ma jiggy. The problem was I suck at painting pink, it just shows brush strokes so bad that I thought I'd do something different. Battle damaged pink Cygnar! This lets me use a darker purpleish colour scheme and only using pink in limited ways, while still having it a pink army.

As the Lancer stands it has a broken shoulder that's been messed up to look like it got hit with a mace, I'll probably paint it to look like it was hit by a flaming mace when I get that far but it is quite a way off currently. I'm tempted to cut the hand off the shield arm and model it as if the shield is strapped to the arm and wirings and cogs are all that's left of the hand now. Make it look like a really roughed up Lancer. I think the key is going to be making it look worn not wrecked and this will apply to the entire army.

But that's enough of this for now. If I play some more this weekend (my Stores 2 year anniversary), then i will blog about it but if not hopefully I will on Tuesday or at least get my Drake painted up to table top.