Monday, 21 September 2009

Retribution colour scheme (feedback wanted)

Okay folks, so my Retribution are in the mail and will be here in a few days, and as such I started to ponder my colour scheme and wanted to do a quick test. Now I'll be running a couple of jacks and need objective markers, so I looked at what I had laying around and figured I'd never touch my Cryx, so I stole the Cankerworm base and painted it up as such.

That's WiP but the pink is finished and I really like it. It draws the eye perfectly and covers well, is easy to highlight and shade. So my Ret is totally going to be that colour when they arrive. Plus the bonus is they count for the Breast cancer brawl as a pink army.

The downside is basing with the pink is very difficult. I can't use static grass because the moment I do it's going to clash with the pink and look terrible. So it's down to a plain brown, a sandy flag stone or a neutral grey rubble. I can't decide on which but I'm leaning towards the rubble as the cloaks are going to be grey/blueish and the neautral grey will blend will the cloaks and make the armour all the more striking.

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