Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Fate is weird..

So today I woke up to find my Retribution issue of NQ wrecked.. I had left a bottle of blackcurrant squash on the window ledge.. and blackcurrant is the only liquid known to stain worse than red wine.. it fell off the window ledge and burst... damn stuff got every where and covered the NQ.. So now I need to buy a new copy.. Either fate is telling me something or it's giving me a chance to cut my magazine up and lamenate it..

Either way I bought the Retribution book today since I've decided I'm going to buy all of them since I am an information whore and I want to have access to all the Warmachine content.. So 11 books.. at £22.50 each... yea, there goes a lot of cash.. But maybe I'll skip Menoth, Circle, Cryx, Legion and Trolls, since we all know those factions have terrible fluff, bad models and are really just there to be completely broken or completely useless ;)

Unfortunately my health has gone to hell again so I'm spending a week or two high on pain killers and doing nothing constructive.. Oh well yesterday was at least amusing when a doctor said I had a positive attitude and my response was "Well I either kill myself or get on with life, I don't have any real options do I?"

For something useful and constructive I thought I'd post the MKI Ret list I was pondering.

Unit of 10 invictors

Then whatever else fits.

General idea would be to just clear a lane to the caster and assassinate, abusing Kaelyssa's "10 focus" ability by stealing focus and fury off things to get extra shots on her gun while the Chimera will allow her to disrupt enemy armies from a distance and stop them effectively defending their caster. The list is about 100 points short of the 500 mark (common play level in my store) but I need to get the new NQ and see the release scehdule before I commit. I can throw in A&H and then another small unit give or take an invictor or two. I think I want to run 9 of them instead of 10 because I can get the defender's ward bonus better that way, The great bears triangle seems the best way to run them, that way they have to kill 2 to drop the bonus but you can still spread out a little. I'm not sure on the griffon but it's dirt cheap and It's going to stand by Kae to cover her and threaten anything that tries to get at her. I expect her to be skirting the mid range mark most the game and just blocking charge lanes to her will be worth the points.

If any one has any suggestions for improving the list it wouldn't go a miss. I'm looking at the army entries I have access to right now and building a list similar to my Skorne set ups but with a more Stryker style caster. A solid shootie unit always forms the core of my armies, I like a beat stick and I've been craving a good arc node for freaking ever and her AoE spell absolutely begs for one.

I'm also hoping this list will be more interactive. I find that Mordikar and E Morghoul don't interact with opposing armies beyond "I pop feat" or "He died". They have nothing really offensive or disruptive in nature. They just play their own game and either you move into position and win or you don't. Playing with your opponent's fury/focus, removing 'jacks defense and making terrain makes for a much better game style imo. I can win with E Morghoul and I do, but am I really playing a game or am I goldfishing? It's like playing combo in Magic. I really enjoy combo, but what is the point in playing a game if you're not exchanging models and abilities with each other? Is Denny arc node assassination really playing a game or are you just zerg rushing bone chickens until you get to roll some dice? I think people should consider interaction more and see how they can improve on that, it is one of the few issues I have with WM/H, it is very easy to make an army where you don't care what your opponent does because you will always play the same way and either it works or doesn't. Maybe the IABN could take the time to consider how interactive each of their 'casters are and give them a rating of 1-5 (5 being the most interactive) to see what factions interact well and which don't. I would be willing to do this with Skorne but it's kind of pointless if every faction isn't done.

Also Mercs aren't a real faction.

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