Saturday, 26 September 2009

Invictor WiP

I spent all day working on models, building, painting, hating the goddamn annoying heavy kit (modding it just so I never have to buy another). I'm now going to try and avoid plastic kits if I can, I just plain don't like PP plastic.

I'm running out of Thaco podcast and starting to regret the pink. It takes 4 coats to get a solid colour..


  1. Four coats but it looks very good so far. What don't you like about PP's plastic? (just curious, since I've had real good results myself recently with it).

  2. I find the plastic to be unsuitable for a wargaming product. If you trim it with a knife it doesn't cut cleanly, the last bit of plastic stays attached and "rips" rather than just cuts cleanly off. It's impossible to file the plastic and get a good edge, it just crumbles rather than forming a solid line.

    I have a huge issue with the sprue placement. The shoulderpads are freaking huge, so why the hell is the sprue attachment right on top of the shoulder detail?

    I'm pondering if I want to make the kit interchangable or not at this point purely because then I don't have to build 2 more. I know I want a phoniex, but the other 2 heavies would be nice to have on hand since I plan to pick up every Ret model I like (so no houseguard) and the 3 heavies are all cool 'jacks.

    To be perfectly honest at this stage I'm unhappy with PP plastics. I have very high standards for products and the plastic kits just aren't meeting any of them. They needed good mold quality and good quality plasticm everything else I can forgive and work around, so why the hell are the two points I need both out of whack?