Thursday, 24 September 2009

I am the dice man!

So my book arrived today (HAPPY FACE!) and I sat down to read the fluff and then got 2 pages into the fluff and went "MODEL RULES!" and proceeded to spend about 8 hours looking over it.

So for a quick run down.

I like the female 'casters and I like Rahn's model, but really don't liks his rules. I'll be picking up Ravyn ASAP and her and Kaelyssa will be my main 'casters. I got a thing for emo chicks I guess. Ravyn is awesome, I love her spell list and her weapon, I can't wait to pick her up and put her on a custom base, Position her foot so she's standing on a slant and like she's going to look down and stab someone.

So units wise I love the Dawnguard and Mage hunters, both of which I will pick up a unit of when they come ot (aka when I have more moneys, I plan to spend about £50-60 a month on models to quickly build up the Ret force. I really don't like the mittens or houseguard though. The houseguard are just shitty Gun mages and quite frankly the models are terrible. They look like Big O and Piccard had a love child and then cloned him a few times. Houseguard just don't work for me, they seem like dawnguard if you are missing a point or two, unless the models are amazing, I doubt I'll pick them up, maybe the long gunners, but probably not.

Stormfall archers need their own sentence. FUCK YEAH! These guys have an awesome concept and awesome art to go with it. Hoping the model lives up to it.

Onto the solos. There are some stunning and awesome (Narn) some are terrible like Nayl. Going to pick up most of them though.

I'm wanting to know what PP will do with the cav. Will they release a full box or do the current cav thing? Either way lots of cav, I'll probably pick them up.

So yea, I likes it. My stuff should be posted today or tomorrow, so hopefully I can get to work on them. There is a tournament here in a couple of weeks on the 11th, it's the Retribution steam roller event, so I figure I should be rocking my pink Elves. I need to check what the format is, but I'm hoping it's not mangled metal or I'll need to buy another jack or two. I am quite tempted to go for Griffon spam. They're insanely cheap and it would be fun to just beat people down with a bunch of them, while stealing Fury/Focus with Kaelyssa to power her spells.

I suppose the advantage of playing a new army is surprise, even though I'm not experienced with them. But hey should be fun either way, just got to hope my health is okay. I have to go into hospital for an entire day next week, which will cut into my painting time, plus they want to knock me out so it'll take a while to recover even when I do come out.

But yea, Ret good, very good. I'm really digging the Ret vibe, they seem to fit my style really well. My next purchases will probably be Ravyn, E Eiryss, Invictor UA and a unit of Mage Hunters. That will give me a 35 point list in MKII and I'll be closing on the 750 mark in MKI as well and throwing in a couple of solos and another jack and I'll be good to go.

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  1. I went shopping today.

    Heavy Myrdon kit (2)
    Invictors box
    Sentinels box

    Yeah, I can dig it.