Friday, 21 August 2009

Yellow Dice : IABN

I haven't been able to play any Warmachine lately due to health issues but I did pick up Molik and started to paint the Canonneer and the frogs. Krea is done, which gives me a couple of beasts painted a unit (Gobbers count!) and Hexeris.

Hopefully soon the game store I play at will be running a hardcore 350 Mangled metal tournament on a games night. If they do I'll be taking part with a list like.


I think that gives me enough utility to deal with just about anything and if worst comes to worst I can pull off some stupid tricks with the Krea animus (if they brick then I can use it twice on two targets next to each other) and then have Molik beat the crap out of some stuff. I'm also hoping to abuse the Molik animus on 3 models at once to dance around the field and get off some really weird set ups. I mean who wouldn't want to move 3 of their models 15" a turn? It tempts me to get another shaman to have my entire army stupidly mobile and to set up mobile lanes for the following turn. The only problem with this would be leaving Mordikar a bit low on fury and exposed but against some casters and careful placement I wouldn't mind this so much. I mean using his feat, using fate ward and running molik right next to an enemy caster has got to be one of the most vicious things you can do in any skorne list.

In other news I just sent in the required stuff for the Iron agenda blogging network, so hopefully the blog will be up soon. Welcome to all those who followed the link over here.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

VS Khador 01

Blog time!

I got in a game today with Rory ad his Khador. Neither of us played serious lists and I was just wanting to try Mordikar out and see how he did with Beasts. I learnt quite a bit about Skorne by using the list I had and I doubt I will ever make another Skorne list without an Extoller.

Lists were as follows.

Old Witch + Scrap jack
2 Juggernaughts
Iron fang Pikemen
Doom Reavers
Alton Ashley

5 Paingivers
Swamp Gobbers


Deployment was simple, Rory won the dice roll and decided to go 2nd. Skorne brick time! Since I was running so many beasts I couldn't do much else.

Round 1

I move forward edging away from his Doom Reavers flanking me and put up Gobber smoke to stop Alton pulling any of his anti beast crap. I load up the Agonizer and rile everything up for Mordikar to refuel for next turn.

Rory proceeded to move pretty much everything towards me, which is hardly shocking considering the armies. Casts Iron flesh on the Iron fangs and the world's most exciting turn ever ends!

Round 2

My pictures get a bit muddled here and I think this is Round 2. I moved a bit away from the Doom Reavers ready to use Gobber smoke to stop them getting first hit the next turn and just try to close space.

Rory moves his stuff more forward! Man this is such a crazy tactic, it's like he wants to kill my stuff or something! He puts the Iron fangs as a central wall and casts Massacre of crows.

Round 3

At this point I can't stop the Doom Reavers engaging my stuff, so I try to block them with the Gobber smoke and offer a few sacrifical Paingivers to take the shot for me and then I can Spirit in Amber them back and get some stabbing going. I did mess up this turn when I tried to use Mordikar's sacrifice to spray spell and couldn't target the doom reavers so ended up wasting a model to spray at a juggernaught and do diddly squat. Agonizer runs forward and starts to cry, Khador jacks aren't getting any focus and Scrap jack isn't arc noding either. I expect it to die this turn but it me control the damage the jacks are going to do when they hit my lines.

Cyclops gets poked by the paingivers and pulls off a Cyclops missle. Wailing on a Juggernaught it drops 1/3rd of it's boxes and is expecting to die next turn while sitting on 3 fury. I had meant to pop feat this turn but forgot to do so before I had finished with Mordikar.

Rory's Doom Reavers then proceed to eat some paingivers and the Swamp gobbers, which then flee and die the next turn to free strikes. But still they did an awesome job of just being in the way and stopping Alton molesting any of my stuff before I could get it into position.

Agonizer proves he's tough as hell and takes a beating from all sides but only goes down when the Old Witch finally spends some focus to take away his last wound. He ended up crippling a couple of jacks for a turn then wasted a turn of firepower to get rid of him. 30 points well spent.

Round 4

(The template isn't Gobber smoke, it was just difficult to remove it with 2 dudes on top of it)

This turn I moved up the hill and popped Mordikars feat, brought back a couple of Paingivers and started to pick apart the Doom Reavers. Rory had been trying to take out my Shaman for most of the game but due to Elevation and some bad dice on Rory's part (or so he says.. everyone else could roll his dice fine ;) ) it had been surviving quite nicely and would end up being a key piece in the game. So the Savage continues to beat on the Juggernaught, rips it's arm off and just generally acts like a badass that he is.

Rory's turn comes and he decides to start swinging and he ends up playing pinball with his models. Everything is going in every direction imaginable and he once again claims his dice hate him (Rolling 1 dice is rarely a positive thing either way..). He tries to pull the Shaman out with the Scrap jack and misses, Shaman makes a dash towards The Old Witch. I didn't have any plans for it at this point but my beasts were clustered together and it wasn't a good situation to be in. Old Witch pops feat and my next turn seems suddenly a lot less exciting.. Rory takes another shot at the Shaman and he casually wanders up to the Old Witch. I thought he was just out of range but he was in and the plan fell nicely into place, Shaman takes a nasty hit from the feat but

Round 5

My turn comes and any one who knows me knows I play assassination games. I have a bucket load of fury on the board and totally forgot to manage it less turn, so I start throwing some dice and everything passes. Gladiator is still full of fury and the Cannoneer has 1 on it, but both remain in control (I had wanted the Gladiator to go nuts as it was engaging a lot of stuff and a throw would of been sweet to knock down the Old witch). So any way Mordikar activates first. I move him so he has line of sight to Old Witch, She's Defense 19 so I have to boost and slap Deathmark on her. I didn't think the Shaman could kill her with 3 fury. I had to transfer off a free strike from a very angry Doom reaver as mordikar went to get LoS, but the Cannoneer took it and didn't lose anything for it. So Mordikar has 2 Fury left on him and is standing pretty damn close to some very angry Doom Reavers, I either get the assassination or he better have a get out of the abyss free card again. So I heal the Shaman's Mind and end Mordikars activation. Shaman starts swinging with 3 attack dice, hitting 3 of his 4 attacks, Dice -2 was damage, but apparently all I can roll is 4s. Old Witch lives with like 6 boxes left and I figure I'm screwed until I see the Cannoneer sitting on the hill with 3 fury open and a nice long ranged attack. So it wanders up, Defense 19 old witch, needing 15 on 4 dice. And it misses.. Roll the scatter dice and it still clips her, so I boost the damage and hope for the best. I roll exact and down she goes. Caster kill and I win while Rory tries to figure out how a cannonball fits through a gap in the bases far smaller than the cannon nozzle.

Things I learnt.
-I want an Extoller in every list I make. They bring so much utility and solve so many problems. I don't care what I have to sacrifice, Extollers are so freaking sweet!
-I want a Cannoneer next to the Extoller. I had considered dropping her but she is a really nice finisher and fury battery.
-Agonizers are worth the 30 points but they only work for 1 turn because they have a huge target painted on their heads.
-Mordikar is a very good troops caster and Paingivers and Bloodrunners will be insane with him. 1 Fury to kill a model with no way for an opponent to punish you for it is nuts. Scenario play is his sweet spot because 'void isn't so hot when both casters are half the table away behind a wall of big nasty things
-Shaman is a nice utility beast and worth running 1 of if only for the ability to bounce around.
-Cyclops missles are fun and including a Savage in lists just to wail on things is not a bad idea. I just need to remember to keep it in my caster's control area.
-Rolling 2 yellow dice is a bad idea, rolling 1 yellow and 1 pink dice gives much better results.
-Make sure you remember feats are in play when Rory goes "move stuff! Go on you pansy!" and figure you'll shut him up by sticking a knife in two Doom reavers..
-I like playing assassination lists. I struggle to care about units and fall into the school of "They take too much effort to kill, screw it". I had been considering switching to Mordikar and Hexeris for a few months but I think E Morghoul needs to return. He fits me so damn well and I enjoy using him a lot more then a board control caster. I can fit everything I want in a Morghoul list and I win games, so I think I should just suck it up paint his annoying figure and play him some more.
-Take notes when blogging about an event.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

New blog

So I finally started a blog about my Wargaming habbits.

I mainly play Warmachine but I'm getting into Warhammer fantasy and will blog about both and some general modeling advice. I'm going to try and update the blog every week at least but hopefully a couple of times a week. I have a two local gaming stores, one being a Games Workshop and the other a FLG, which run game nights on Thursdays and Tuesdays respectively.

My main faction in Warmachine is Skorne and I've been playng them for about a year now. I'm currently working on getting a 500 point list painted and then will jump up to 750 and 1,000 from there and probably play that list(s) until the next book release. I think it will help my player skill to stick with 1 list and learn to use it well.

Warhammer wise I'm trying to find a way to paint Wood Elves quickly and effectively. I'm currently trying to use an airbrush to add shading and highlights and then inks to add colour. I will post results when I finish the first model.

Once in a while I may ramble on about my other interests. I'm a huge fan of Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Gundam and play far too many Video games, so I would expect those to appear when I do ramble, as well as some Magic : The Gathering rants here and there.

So Welcome to the blog, hopefully I can get some content up soon.