Friday, 22 January 2010

Playing the game instead of being played and WiP diorama

I think I may have found a way I can play GW games and not hate them. So I thought I would write a post on this and how I managed to play systems that don't fit me.

I'll start out with this. I don't like GW, I will not buy anything from GW except paints (the only good products they do and not all of them are), if I'm buying models for a GW game, then I will buy them from Ebay used and fix them up. I do not like the company, I do not like how it acts, I do not like it's attitude towards the games they release. The only reason I am going to play GW games is to have a back up plan for when no Warmachine players are around.

One quirk I have is I love unusual things, not 'omg I'm a goth, I'm so strange' unusual but strange objects, weird traits, odd colour choices. My pink Retrubution idea is a prime example. I do strange things for the sake of doing strange things, like I will play Halo and wear pink armour and refuse to shoot any one just to see how people react to it. I love pushing buttons and seeing what happens, even if pushing those buttons is not my best option at that point in time.

If I play Warhammer fantasy in a "quirky" way then I know I'm not trying to "win", I'm trying to push buttons and see what happens. I'm making an interesting situation, and I can enjoy that part of it rather than hate the bigger picture it's contained in. If you enjoy the shiny thing, you don't notice it's a chainsaw about to cut your face off.

So with that mentality in mind, I decided I should play Goblins. They're weak, can't really win and yet they are full of quirks and random fun. If I'm not trying to win, just trying to mess around then I can do that. The same way in Magic multiplayer I often play a deck that just causes complete chaos, I don't intend to win, just to see some awesome stuff happen. And that mentality is something I must force into my Wargaming..

I remember the time when my Arcanist killed a Great bear, I don't recall killing every 'caster I ever have. So I'm trying to make that happen rather than win, that way when the rules screw me over I can shrug, I was playing to see my Goblin kill a Dragon or to see how many Goblin units flee turn 1.. I'm going to try applying this to my painting for Warhammer as well. Get the basics down and leave it done, no shade, no highlight, tabletop basic as can be. Maybe in 2 weeks time I'll flip out and be my usual control freak perfectionist self again when it comes to Warhammer as I am with Warmachine but we'll see.

My gaming group survived, we have a new venue, I'll blog about that in a few weeks time when I have more experience. But for now here's 2 pictures I'm working on for the WAMP diorama contest.



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