Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Life hates me.

So yesterday sucked ass and can be summed up with "My dog dropped dead 2 hours before I was meant to go wargaming, then the wargaming got canceled 1 hour later". So I spent the evening playing Borderlands and Bayonetta (Bayonetta dressed as a cheerleader is scary, every single groin shot is suddenly much much dirtier..), but enough of that, Warmachine time.

The new Menoth cover is out. Sucks to be you guys, by far the worst one so far, the art is bad, very bad. It's almost as if they got someone from a furry deviantart gallery to colour it. It's got absolutely no colour balance and just plain looks crap.

I picked up some magnets to use on an interchangable heavy 'jack at some point in the future. They are pretty damn strong and making a hydra/manticore mix shouldn't be too hard. But it does bring up one issue WM lacked and has now gained. Warmachine kits always made sense, how long is it before we see little kits "kitbashing" jacks completely wrong and having to rip them apart?

I want to try and get some more games of Vassal in, any one interested? I need me a fix..

I also may have ordered an Orcs and Goblin army off Ebay on a whim.. it was so cheap and gives me an alternative if GW is my only outlet for wargaming, it just included -everything- and I figured why not. I may also pick up an Ogre Kingdom army being sold (amazingly) cheap locally. I'm thinking if I get it and paint it up to a solid standard I can sell it on for a BIG profit. Even if I only managed to sell it on at 50% retail it would still be a 200% profit (at least). I know I have the skills to do it, it's just a question if I have the health to work through it.

Either way this decade blows. We need a new Decade, in pink.. oh wait that was last Decade!

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  1. That totally sucks dude, very sorry to hear it.

    I've been learning to use Vassal, and I've only just started WM with MKii, but I'd be down for playing. I could use a semi-regular opponent on the thing to be honest.

    I'm in Central US time zone, and my email is grimsnikk at gmail dot com. If you email i'll try to get back asap so we can work out a time.