Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I think I'm going to start making puns here.

It looks like I may have got my community sorted at least a bit. We're going to meet some time next week and discuss the future. I really hate the side of me that steps up and sorts stuff out when it needs sorting. Now I have to be responsible. :(

I've played a couple of games on Vassal and I've noticed the game plays quite differently. Often I can get 2-3 models in an assassination position and get the kill in 1 turn, but the games I've played so far I've been struggling to get it in 2. The player quality is just much higher and that's pretty cool.

Yesterday I played Clayton and my dice were insanely bad. The first 3 rolls in the game for me were all Double 1s. I was like "only need a 5 to hit, I'll take a pot shot". And then 1-1 and I'm just like "Really vassal?". Bad dice really defined the game. My theory is because the text is pink and there is no yellow counter balance they roll bad, you need 1 of each as discussed earlier. I took some stupid riskes, but honestly that's how I play and it's what I find fun. I've got the mentality "When you're screwed, you're at your best", and when dice hate you and your dice are at -7, you've got to take that shot! Sadly that shot was an Arcantik bolt which then proceeded to nail my Griffon and let his Mariners smash face. But I've rambled enough on this since Clayton is doing a battlereport, I must warn you that I come across as angry and pissed off in some lines, but I was laughing the entire time, I found it sadistically amusing and look forward to playing with him some more.

Since my LGS is closing down I picked up a box of Sentinels cheap and I'm going to order Prime MKII from Maelstrom some time this week. I wasn't sure I wanted to invest in Warmachine at this point, but I think getting the rulebooks and NQ at least is a good idea. I'm going to continue to play on Vassal and the information is damn useful. Plus I likes reading the books. I think when the store is truly dead I'm going to post my thoughts on it and what was done right and wrong, but until it is dead and gone I'm not going to insult it on a public forum with the Iron agenda's popularity, it's just not a good idea.

I'm hoping to get a game in against Gdaybloke in the near future, I want to play E Morghoul, but I knew Clayton was taking Bart and an Arm 13 'warlock just isn't going to cut it with all those AoEs. I know I'm good with Kaelyssa and I can get wins with her, but I want to so some fieldtesting and I'm interested in Skorne or Vayl for that.

I wanted to get some painting done today but I can't prime because there is snow every where... wait, why am I blogging when there is snow outside!? Screw you guys! SNOW!!!

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