Saturday, 2 January 2010


My LGS is officially dead. :(

Looks like I'm going to be playing on Vassal now and grabbing the old game here and there. This makes me very sad.


  1. That sucks big time. My suggestion is to put a couple of tables up in your garage and invite the local gamers round once a week/fornight to keep the regular gaming scene going.

  2. You should be happy you have the honor of facing me in Vassal! :P


  3. I would try and organize something at your local library or community college. Garage gaming can be fun, but in a public venue you have exposure. Sorry to hear about the loss.

  4. Sorry to hear it chap. I've still not had a game of WM other than Vassal, still waiting to hear from the Leeds PG to get a club/gaming night sorted.

    PM me on the forum (loftybloke) and we can have a game on Vassal anytime :)