Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I suck with Ravyn

So tonight I got a game with Ravyn in against Epic Kaya. Know what happens when you haven't read Epic Kaya's rules? Turn 2 assassination on your ass happens. I think Arcane Killer is a bit abusive with Dog pile and left feedback as such, but it's made me sit down and read through all the stat cards for Circle and I'll do the same for Trolls, Legion and then Warmachine factions this week, just need more printer ink to get them all printed out since monitor reading is bad for your eyes.

I think I'm going to start playing on Vassal more, I have it installed but only used it once. If I'm looking to goto major tournaments in the future I want to get in as much practice as I can and online will do that for me.

Thursday I'm heading over a friend's house to get in some MKII games, I'm tempted to take Skorne to help with the MKII fieldtest, but part of me also feels Warmachine armies need to be facing Hordes factions too, since everyone wants to use the new shiny Hordes rules, which limits testing against Warmachine and balancing the two. I'm curious what you guys think about this, will there be enough WM VS Hordes testing or will you all be playing your Warbeasty factions?

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