Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Bye bye game store?

So I was in my LFGS last night and the manager (who is a great guy and a community member as much as anything else) came up to us and said goodbye, so I was rather confused and said bye figuring he was just going home, only to find out 5 minutes later he had been laid off. I then found out a whole bunch of stock is being sent back and basically everyone knew the store was being run by an idiot from day 1 and would ultimately die. So phone numbers got exchanged and such, and we're going to look at hosting a night once a week at a local community centre. But this brings up an interesting question, What do you do when your local gaming hub vanishes?

There is a wargaming society locally and I plan to go there every other week, but can a hobby really survive on once every other week basis? Is there really any insentive to buying new models other than wanting to paint them if you play rarely? I think I might pick up the new Skarre and a Cryx heavy or 2 to paint, but whats the point in buying stuff I'll rarely use now?

At the moment if the group doesn't get set up then my only outlet for Wargaming is the local games workshop. A few of the shop members already go there/work there but I don't know if I would be happy supporting a company that thinks balance isn't important in a game and has GW policies..

I think I'm going to continue to blog on this and see how the community goes.


  1. In a way I know how you feel, although there is no WM/H community to lose where I live. It's all GW, Magic, or board games. It was suggested to me to created a email list or forums, or something to keep you all regular communication. It sounds like that is organically happening on its own, and that's great. As it is only only play once every few weeks.

    Do you have a PG in your area? If you can manage to start a league or get a regular tournament schedule set up at your wargaming club you might at least be able to keep the fires on and the game alive. And there's nothing keeping you from setting up non-sanctioned events or leagues.

    As far as GW goes, if there was absolutely no outlet for me to play PP games here, I honestly would probably start playing 40K. I'd at least give it a try. But since I have the option, not a chance. Good luck!

  2. I am just living on Vassal for now myself. I never have time to get out to my store.

    I feel for ya dude :(