Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I did (not) goto a tournament.

I haven't updated in a while and was planning to do a nice big review of the 350 point mangled metal tournament my local store ran yesterday. The problem was I didn't get to take part beyond the first game due to time mismanagement. Some of the players are new or a bit suspect on the rules and play slow as hell, there was meant to be a turn time limit and... it was never enforced.

So I got in 1 tournament game then played a 35 point game of MKII against one of the best local players.

This is the tournament game, in perfect detail. My opponent was a new player who I kind of mentor since I am the local Skorne player as the other moved away (and had a huge fetish for Makeda and couldn't see how Molik made a Gladiator look like a joke). So I didn't want to smash him and such but er.. yea, read on.

my opponent goes first by my choice.
He runs his beasts forward, does something with Morghoul and moves him up to.
I move up my group having my army looking like it will engage his Bronzeback, Savage and Gladiator among a forest, with Kaelyssa and a Griffon hiding behind it and phantom hunter on Kaelyssa.
He moves his army round the forest ready to engage, casts unrelenting on his bronzeback, I measure control area and watch.
I upkeep Phantom hunter, put a focus on the Griffon to be safe (figure I can steal 2 giving me 8 focus and I need 2 to shoot and 6 to boost) and move Kaelyssa up. I put a shot in Morghoul, he transfers it to the savage, I put a shot in Morghoul, take his fury and hit him for about 10 damage, I needed 8 to kill on the next shot and I got it. Extend hand, feel like a jerk.

So I wait like 45 minutes for the new guys to finish playing and honestly I was quite frustrated. Pairings for round 2 were announced and I got the bye.. Which annoyed me quite a lot. I was the top of the tournament with 1 turn 2 kill and I get the bye because no one else could compare to that, so I get to sit out round 2, when I had gone to the tournament to win it. My mind was set on winning, I walked in that door and went "I am the best player, I have Kaelyssa and I can and will win this tourney without a doubt" and then I just get kicked in the nuts for doing exactly that. Round 3 didn't work because it was closing time when round 2 ended. So instead of a tournament I got to smash a guy's face and then play a 35 point of MKII.

I was against a Butcher list full of heavy armour and my list just doesn't deal with that, I couldn't really kill Butcher and I got drawn into attrition and just plain lost. I couldn't get to butcher and that sucked. I'm thinkng of getting the Sentinels and replacing the Invictors, they can break heavy armour. The Mage hunters are a very nice unit though, they are quite nasty.

On Sunday I have a rematch against Dave's Khador. Hopefully my health will recover since I'm still recovering from my hospital visit where I spent 6 hours being sedated and messed with. Next week I'm going to get in some extra games with other locals, Another Khador played I rarely gets to play wants to get some MKII so we're going to meet at the store and give it a couple of games. Then me and the local Press ganger are going to get some Hordes MKII games in. I want to test Krueger as I'm really unsure on his feat and I intend to playtest it a few times before I write feedback going "dude, WTF?"


  1. That stinks. The TO really should have enforced a time limit (they are there for a reason). Furthermore, only the bottom rungs of a tournament are supposed to get byes since their participation in determining the overall winner isn't as important. Is your TO new?


  2. He's casual as hell, our press ganger rarely turns up. :/