Friday, 21 August 2009

Yellow Dice : IABN

I haven't been able to play any Warmachine lately due to health issues but I did pick up Molik and started to paint the Canonneer and the frogs. Krea is done, which gives me a couple of beasts painted a unit (Gobbers count!) and Hexeris.

Hopefully soon the game store I play at will be running a hardcore 350 Mangled metal tournament on a games night. If they do I'll be taking part with a list like.


I think that gives me enough utility to deal with just about anything and if worst comes to worst I can pull off some stupid tricks with the Krea animus (if they brick then I can use it twice on two targets next to each other) and then have Molik beat the crap out of some stuff. I'm also hoping to abuse the Molik animus on 3 models at once to dance around the field and get off some really weird set ups. I mean who wouldn't want to move 3 of their models 15" a turn? It tempts me to get another shaman to have my entire army stupidly mobile and to set up mobile lanes for the following turn. The only problem with this would be leaving Mordikar a bit low on fury and exposed but against some casters and careful placement I wouldn't mind this so much. I mean using his feat, using fate ward and running molik right next to an enemy caster has got to be one of the most vicious things you can do in any skorne list.

In other news I just sent in the required stuff for the Iron agenda blogging network, so hopefully the blog will be up soon. Welcome to all those who followed the link over here.


  1. Welcome to the network! :)

    Hope you can get past your health issues again and get back to the game table. Will you be doing an event/tourny write-up on the 350 HC event?

  2. Thanks for the welcome.

    Yea, I will do a write up on as much stuff as I can. I've just not been able to play much right now.