Monday, 15 February 2010


I don't trust Battlefoam. I know this may come across as some random internet hatred but I just have this bad feeling about the bags and Romeo. I just ordered a new carry case and considered battle foam, tried to contact them and got zero response, so in the end I followed Loftybloke's lead and got a KR case.

Any way, back on topic.. I've been keeping my eye on various forums and podcasts and I've noticed the battlefoam name leaking into more and more places. Since it's a new company this is to be expected when they hit it big with people like PP, but I've found Romeo's attitude to be.. suspicious. Every post he makes is "My shit is superior to everything, we have super secret tech, super magic glue and our bags give you a handjob when you turn them sideways." And that's fine, to a point but he's just come out of no where and is doing it.

I checked his handle online and he has a few models on Cool mini or not and that's pretty much it. For someone claiming he's been a gamer for such a long time isn't it weird he says he's only been painting for 2 years on CMON? Why does he not take part in the PP forums if he's a Warmachine player?

I'm not going to write a huge rant on this and do massive amounts of research to prove or disprove my point, but I thought it was worth expressing my thoughts on this. He seems to have got into bed with PP and many podcasts and Plykon's keep from Fell Calls is still fresh in my mind. The PP community has been taken for a ride before and can't afford another.


  1. He always seems slimy to me. I know folk who he has pulled one over on in the past. I was shocked to see Privateer get in bed with someone who seems to be so scummy.

  2. One can, in point of fact, play many games and paint many figures without talking about doing so on the Internet. Maybe he's just too busy?

    I've been painting and playing for close to fifteen years and can count the times I've even looked at CMON on one hand. Never posted anything there. One of my best mates has been playing longer and never touches gaming forums with a barge pole - it was effort enough getting him to blog occasionally.

    Does that make us devious, untrustworthy scumbuckets?

    On the other hand, those Battlefoam things are inadequate for my needs and too expensive to ship to the UK anyway, so sod 'em. I'll stick to Kaiser Rushforth, thanks.

  3. I don't like the way he comes across either to be honest, but I don't know the guy so I'm not going to judge. The bags are expensive, and the trays don't fit more than one of their bags which just strikes me as a way of making you buy more trays.

    KR on the other hand are full interchangable, Darly is a really great guy, and I feel that they deserve my money, and I will buy their cases till I no longer have need for storage solutions


  4. If your in the UK, i strongly suggest Figures in Comfort.

    The battlepack + tray 6 is pretty much what battlefoam are doing.

    FiC did it first, a long time ago, and is now under new management.

    Give them a shot, ugly website notwithstanding.