Thursday, 29 October 2009

This blog shows what I have typed

I haven't been able to play any WM this week, but I do have something awesome lined up for early next week. I sent some e-mails and stuff and cool stuff will be posted on Monday or Tuesday!

I have been using a new type of super glue lately, or testing rather. The glue is called "Liquid Weld" and it's pretty damn expensive and I don't think it's in stores yet. I found the glue to be insane on GW plastics. I took a Dryad (very fragile) glued it together with this stuff and gave it ten minutes then threw it at a wall (I was bored and it seemed a good test). The glue held perfectly, the Dryad took a beating and the glue didn't even come close to breaking, I even tried to pull it apart and I couldn't without having to break the plastic.

I then tried to glue together some metal models (a Chimera) and found it just plain didn't like metals, even when fully dried it just didn't hold the pieces well, you could pull them apart with less effort than being around in a carry case will make. So as a metal glue it sucks and I'm going to stick with my Loctite glue instead, but if you're looking for a solid glue for plastics then it's worth checking out if you can.

There is a WM Tournament on Sunday, I may attend but it's 750 and I'm a few models short, so I may just skip it and resume pick up games on Tuesday. Hopefully with my invictors fully painted.

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